Our Philosophy

The pilgrim tradition is a slow way of traveling, seeking both into yourself, but also taking in impressions of nature, meeting with other people on the path and in the local community that you visit on your way.

The Northern Pilgrimshop aims to keep high ethical standards that promotes products that gives back to the local community, groups of minorities, and caretaking of handicrafts and cultural heritage. Even though pilgrimage has roots in a medieval, religious tradition, we see that the tradition during the last years has taken a new direction, appealing to younger people to discover more sustainable ways of traveling.

The Northern Pilgrim shop want to strengthen the new way of pilgrimage to modern people, designing clothes and travel equipment for a new generation of pilgrims. We do this to develop the pilgrimtradition as a modern, green, social and sustainable traveling alternative for people that search authentic experiences in nature and the local culture.

That’s why our philosophy is: Take only memories, leave only footprints.