Being a pilgrim means being a stranger, a foreigner to a place that is not your home. As a visitor the pilgrim shows respect for the environment, the people, the flora and the fauna she passes on her way.

The Northern Pilgrimshop has the same strong sustainability principles as the Pilegrimspath- the Saint Olav ways to Trondheim. Our products are locally produced, in materials that are either recycled or easy degradable. Our partners and producers fulfil strict rules and procedures, to protect humans, animals and environment that is affected or take part in the production.

The Northern Pilgrimshop aims to keep high ethical standards that promotes products that gives back to the local community, groups of minorities, and caretaking of handicrafts and cultural heritage. We do this to develop the pilgrimtradition as a green, social and sustainable traveling alternative for people that search authentic experiences in nature.

That’s why our philosophy is: Take only memories, leave only footprints.